8/12/2017 - www.japanhalalunitassociation.com is the official website of Japan Halal Unit Association. We have ceased to utilize www.jhua.jp with immediate effect and our official contact e-mail is now [email protected]
3/10/2018 - We are currently updating our website to be able to serve you better. In the mean time please refer to our Facebook or Instagram accounts for more up to date information.
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20/12/2017 - Japan Halal Unit Association (JHUA) would like to clarify that we are an independent organization. Any claims made by other organizations to represent JHUA are false. JHUA may collaborate with third party organizations from time to time for the purpose of organizing seminars, attracting clients and any other similar activity. JHUA cannot guarantee the actions carried out by these parties. We advise our clients to keep in direct contact with JHUA at all times in order to ensure that their well being is being considered.
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